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The Lombardi LVR600BP is an innovative system of acoustic bass reflex cluster loudspeakers, designed and built in Italy by the Lombardi Amplification with first choice components.
The cabinet is made with three types of wood. The outside is made of Poplar plywood, that makes it very lightweight and with a warm sound. The fixing panel of the speakers is made of Fir, so that the harmonic board can have the best timbre. The supports are made of Birch that gives them solidity.
The Lombardi LVR600BP has a coaxial 10″ speaker with Kapton driver, perfect for Service of a small or a big event or for the installation in Pub and Theaters.

The strong point of the system is the modularity from 1 to 8 units , both vertical and horizontal, so that the system ca be used for service or for any kind of installation, thanks to the incredible 70° horizontal and vertical coverage that makes it unique.
The acoustic loudspeakers Lombardi LVR600BP can be piloted both in mono-amplification and in bi-amplification, there is a rotating selector in the rear panel that allows to select “mono” or “bi” amplification.
The strong point of the product is its versatilitymodularity, user friendlinesslightnessefficiency and the high quality of Lombardi Amplification.


The Acoustic loudspeakers Lombardi LVR600BP can be piloted:

  • mono-amplification with a max 700 W RMS on 4 Ohm amplifier
  • or in bi-amplification
    • max 700 W RMS on 4 Ohm amplifier for low-medium frequencies
    • max 300 W RMS on 8 Ohm amplifier for high frequencies.

The loudspeakers are really compact but have an high quality and a great power for dimensions. They are perfect both for fitting on support or modular loudspeaker. They can create horizontal and vertical cluster that have a coverage of up to 360° with a vertical angle of 70° (WARNING: use the appropriate structures to hang it). The loudspeakers componibility allows the realization of polyhedric and semi-spherical structures.

The loudspeakers system is ideal in combination with the subwofers LS700P, LS1000P, LS2500P, LS5000P and speaker mid-hight LVR400HP e LVR1200BP.

2 ways bass reflex loudspeakers system
Woofer 1 coaxial 250mm 10″ 2,5″ with compression horn and 1,7″ kapton membrane
Tuning frequency 113 Hz
Crossover filter passive incorporated
Cut frequency 3200 hz 12 dB/oct
Speaker Opening Horizontal 70°, Vertical 70°
Mono-amp power:

  • Rated 700w RMS
  • Max 950w RMS

Bi-amp power:

  • Rated 1000w RMS (700w low medium freq., 300w high freq.)
  • Max 1300w
    Impedance rated 4 ohm medium/low frequencies, 8 ohm high frequencies
    Input/output connectors Speak-on © 4c
    Finish black polyurea coating
    Suitable for installation:
    – Cluster (with junction)
    – Eye straw (16)
    – On pedestal
    – Modular on pedestal with double embedding for sliding bar (up and down)

Handle double front transport handle
Support rubber feet
Speakers protection metallic net
Dimensions cm [WxDxH]  38.7×32.5×38.7
Weight kg 9.4

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 45 × 40 × 45 cm
  • Amplification front stage/ side / drum files
  • Cluster loudspeaker
  • Audio/video cinema surround amplification system
  • Music for pub / club / squares / theaters of all sizes
  • Nightclub
  • Live music / playback / spoken
  • Lateral and higher anchor junction
  • Junction stative union double embedding (up to 3 modules one on top of another)

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