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About Us

AMPLIFICAZIONI LOMBARDI is known all over the world and in the sixties and seventies it played an important role in the history of Italian and not only Italian music. Rita and Renato Lombardi are the children of ROMANO LOMBARDI born in 1929 who unfortunately is no longer with us today.

Romano Lombardi began in the fifties as a radio repairman and in the early sixties he opened, together with his brother Ruggero, a shop for the sale and repair of radios, televisions and household appliances in via Giorgina Saffi in Forlì.

Shortly thereafter they also dealt with records, musical instruments and amplification material and Romano began to create the first amplification systems. At the beginning of the following decade, the two Lombardi brothers specialized in the construction of amplification systems and founded Amplificazioni Lombardi based in Castrocaro Terme where the company is still located today.

Amplificazioni Lombardi soon became a point of reference for many artists and musical groups both for live performances obviously but also for studio and live recordings for the extreme quality of the equipment proposed but also for the great availability and generosity of Romano Lombardi who guaranteed excellent technical service, was able to solve the various problems that could arise thanks to his inventiveness and creativity and also always tried to help in every way those who he knew were good musicians.

The likes of Brian Auger, B.B. King, PFM, Banco, Osage, Patty Pravo, Edoardo Bennato, to name just a few. Furthermore, in the liner notes of many important Italian 33 rpm albums of the time, thanks to Romano Lombardi appear.

We cite among others: “Per un amico”, L’Isola di Niente” and “Chocolate Kings” by PFM, “Capolinea” by Banco and “Harrow Head by the Osage. It is worth quoting the entire sentence of this latest album: “Amplification, effects, lighting system Romano Lombardi (a great friend of Forlì)”.

Those who assiduously frequent the Naima Club in Forlì, where Renato Lombardi takes care of the amplification and is the sound engineer, know that often, at the end of the concert, great Italian and foreign musicians, no longer very young, remember their father Romano with affection and esteem.

Audio amplification is often underestimated by our competitors, but in our opinion it represents the most important and difficult element in an event. The right acoustic result is the basis for a successful event


For over 60 years we have been supplying quality audio solutions, the result of a long history of artisan professionalism, which combined with the research developed by our technicians over the years, today offers you products that are the union of the past and the future. We are the only Italian company that still produces tube amplifiers and loudspeakers by hand and that also has a solid history of quality. The style and sound that distinguish us aim to satisfy the needs of our customers, who give us great joy in being happy with our work.

Especially in the 70s and 80s we were a point of reference for the Italian and international music scene. We are a company that has received recognition since the 1960s and has satisfied many legends who have made the history of music, such as Brian Auger, B.B. King, Jimi Hendrix, PFM, Mutual Aid Bank, De André, Battisti … just to name a few.

It was an emotion to be able to work with so many established musicians and it is still an emotion today to be available for the legends of tomorrow.

Amplificazioni Lombardi, founded in 1962 by Romano Lombardi, also deals with providing audio, lighting and video services. We were one of the first amplification companies to quickly become a point of reference not only for many musical groups, but also for live shows and studio recordings, thanks to the extreme quality of the equipment offered and the great availability in assistance technique that the company has always offered and still offers today.

Today the company still follows the approach given in the beginning by its founder: a craftsmanship, with quality components, 100% Made in Italy, aimed at the production of objects which, in addition to having an excellent sound performance, last over time and they are robust, in order to be able to withstand the stresses due to being continuously transported and used.

Old & Vintage

Lombardi Amplificazioni is a leader in the field of audio, lighting and video services for all events from small to large, thanks to over 50 years of experience in the production of audio material and event planning.