Lighting service, audio, video, structures, complete backline
Live concerts, theatrical performances, conferences, meetings, conventions and weddings
Concert lighting services, service lights
Rental of sound systems for entertainment
Video systems rental for entertainment
Rental of lighting systems for shows
Installations of American structures for concerts, exhibitions and conferences

Lombardi Amplificazioni with the Service division provides rental service and assistance of material and competent technical personnel for the realization of any event. From concerts, for which she is esteemed and best known, to theatrical performances, but also conferences, dance arrangements, installations, consultancy and technical/logistic organization of services.
Parallel to the Audio material, of which it is also the manufacturer with 60 years of experience to satisfy any type of concert and acoustic requests, the investment in Lighting, Video and Structures material in recent years, gives Lombardi
Service the potential to provide a technical service with cutting-edge material for the increasingly professional realization of events with an innovative connotation and hand in hand with the modern development of technology.
It is our belief an important training of competent and passionate technicians for this work to which we combine experience with training courses for the requirements that the laws require, from fire licenses, work at height, first aid courses and specialization for the laws that regulate safety in work sites and all the documentation for a service in full compliance with current regulations.
Our organizational team takes care of all the bureaucratic and logistical problems that vary from event to event, always ready to provide careful attention to all the necessary documentation.
Registration with the MEPA, the use of only and exclusively certified material and the qualification to draw up Acoustic Impact Reports makes Lombardi Service ready to solve and have under control every aspect linked to an event in general.


Drawing on the production of Lombardi Amplificazioni we are able to supply any type of ideal system for any type of application.

From small conferences to large street concerts (in which we specialize), we will be happy to advise you on the best acoustic solution for your type of event.

Some examples:

battery systems
corporate meetings and conventions
theater concerts
he toured
street concerts
building amplification
fixed installations
bathing facilities
dance venues
Lombardi Amplificazioni is an artisan company that believes in the Analog product as a qualitative means to best express the nuances of sound at any level. Despite this, we make the most of digital technology to solve logistical-quantitative problems on the agenda in today’s audio world.

In addition to Lombardi material, we are able to supply all the best technology available on the market such as digital audio mixers with remote control.

Stage Monitors: We have various types of stage monitors available to suit all needs including In-Ear Monitor systems.
Wireless microphones: availability of over 30 wireless microphone systems with both handheld and headset amplifiers and antennas
Micing: for Classical Orchestra, Jazz Concerts and Overview
Microphone park: alongside the best quality standards, there is also a whole series of dynamic and condenser vintage microphones that have been purchased over the decades of activity:
AKG SE300/CK91 – C3000 – 414 ULX – 414 TL – 535EB – D12 – D20 – D112 – D212
Audiotechnica 4050
Audix D-series
Avlex c133
Bever dynamic M69 – M88 – M201
Crown PCC 160
Lombardi LM2060
Microtech Geffel PM750
Neumann KSM 105
OKTAVA MK 220 – MK 319
Shure UC – ULX – U series radio microphones with handheld (ice cream) and bodypack with shure pg30 and vh20 headbands, DPA headset, Mipro
Revox M3500
Sehnneiser MD421 – MD441 -MD 416 – MKH416 (rifles)
Shure SM 57 – SM 58 – beta 87 – beta 58 – beta 52 – beta 91 – SM7 broadcast – SM81 – SM82 – KSM109 – 545 UNIDYNE – SIM56 – SM76 – SM546


The lighting park, in addition to boasting quality incandescent lights from the theatrical PCs and Silhouetters, the timeless PARs, accecatori, janiro, Antares 2000w, Tuono, Domino, has been implemented with new LED technologies and motorized lights.

We make use of competent and trained lighting contractors to design lighting plans on request for tours and “ad hoc” projects from theatrical performances, concerts, installations, presentations, architectural lighting of indoor and outdoor places.


MOVING HEADS Hybrid LED 3in1 beam, spot, wash
MOVING HEADS Beam Wash 7x40w RGBW controlled pixel by pixel
MOVING HEADS Wash 19x15w
SCANNER Claypaky 300, 1200
Par 64 300w, 500w, 1000w
PC theaters 500w, 1000w, 2000w
Par 36 30w , 100w
Dominoes 1000w
Janiro 800w, 2000w
Profilers 500w, 750w, 1000w
Wood 400w
Cinematographic Antares 2000w
Followspot (bulls eye) 1000w – 1200w discharge dmx
Thunder 1000w
Chamsys lights console, SGM
Dimmers 6/12ch
DMX splitters
Smoke and fog machines 1500w dmx
Battery Emergency System with Exchanger
CPSS / UPS rescuer in accordance with CEI/EN 50171
Emergency lights with cables that power the projectors must be fire resistant for at least 1h, type FTG10OAM1 – 0.6/1 kV
This is part of what is available, further material on request.


With the increasingly strong and impactful presence of video projections in all kinds of events, from conferences to concerts, we have invested in video, offering all kinds of projections, even on a large scale, to the point of being able to make open-air cinemas and creative video installations with
basic architectural mapping and video design.

Projectors: Panasonic, Maxell, Eiky, Sanyo Lamp or Laser from 5000AL up to 16000AL WUXGA
Screens: Front and rear projection, 4:3 , 16:9 and 16:10 from 2m to 10m | motorized and framed
Inflatable screen: 6mt self-supporting inflatable screen
Video Direction: Video Mixer , Cameras , Splitters , Extenders and digital cabling , Mac computers and Bluray and DVD players , Monitors with tripods from 32″ to 80″
Streaming: Complete video direction for Streaming


Alongside the technical material, Lombardi Amplificazioni provides the necessary structures for performances.
Elevators from 2mt. up to 6 m. with various courses.
Ring of Americana with or without cover of various sizes and heights.
Design for erection of layer towers.
Platforms titan stage, pav and stages of various sizes in accordance with the law with stairs and railings.
Electric hoists with 380v control of 1000kg
Drive-over cable ducts for safe installations.
Black backdrops and theatrical wings.
In the event that there is no adequate Enel connection, we can supply Silenced Current Generators of various powers suitable for any type of show.
We provide a suspended load calculation service for the design and construction of any structure accompanied by certification and supply of anchor weights in accordance with the law.


Lombardi Amplifications offers the rental of its all-valve Lombardi amplifiers for guitar and bass which stand out for their sound excellence and versatility of use:

guitar, keyboard and organ amplifiers
LC8 2×8″
LC4 combo 1×12″
LC4 head and 2×12″ case
bass amps
LB5 head and 1×18″ cabinet
organ amplifiers with rotary speaker
LL200 Head and Case
It also provides a backline service with musical instruments of all kinds, even rare ones, thanks to the support of musicians who rent us precious, scarcely available instruments (double basses, vintage keyboards, etc.), as well as modern and vintage drum kits (Ludwig, Sonor) Hammond organs, Fender Rhodes, percussions, etc…


Among our technical service, where required, we provide a Machinist service for theatrical assembly, conferences and in general where an event requires a competent technician for technical scenographic assembly services.