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The Bass Amplifier Lombardi LB5 is a Head with valve pre-amplifier and a transistor amplifierclass A-B, designed and built in Italy by the Lombardi Amplification with high quality components. The amp is made of Poplar plywood, that makes it very lightweight.

Thanks to years of study and research in the history of Lombardi Amplification it was possible to create the HEAD LB5, a revolutionary hybrid circuit was perfected after 30 months of test…

While remaining in the top list of the handmade point-to-point amplifiers that are made with high quality components, this amplifier is something completely new!  Precise pre-amplifier with a unique and flexible tone, that with only 5 controls has an infinite repertoire of sound.. How is that possible? We put 2 different valve pre-amplifier together!
A good amplifier with 1300w of transistor dynamic. High quality with a class A-B! It was not an easy thing to do ….. The best of traditional and modern technologies are combined in the new bass amplifier Lombardi LB5 HEAD.

There are many other features that make this amplifier a new dream!
There it is the Lombardi LB5 BASS HEAD …


Bass Amplifier with Point-to-point Valve Pre-amplifier and NOS, innovative circuit with 2 PRE.

The first channel controls the Medium/ Low pitch, while the second channel is already filtered and provides Start, Presence, Cord.

There are few efficient controls …..

A Master Volume that controls a new engine: Class AB Transistor Amplifier, powerful, reliable and precise.

1300 W RMS on 2 Ohm! Not bad for a Hybrid Bass Amplifier with the quality of the Class A-B !

The development of the circuit that connects pre-amplifier and amplifier took a long time…. But we did not want to lose any of the perfect synergy between Tubes and Transistors and you can really hear it …. A double frame that divides pre-amplifier and amplifier and makes the circuit very quiet.


Bass amplifier with 1 bass input that controls two channels that can be blended at 0 db and -10 db
Control CH BASS: low, medium, volume
Control CH HIGH: volume
General volume
Class A-B valve pre-amplifier
Class A-B valve transistor amplifier

Output Power:

  • 2 ohm: 1300 watt RMS
  • 4 ohm: 750 watt RMS
  • 8 ohm: 400 watt RMS
  • 16 ohm: 200 watt RMS


  • Tubes pre-amplifier:
    • Input: 1x EF86 Nos
    • Output: 1x ECC82 1xEcc83
    • Direct Output: Balanced with Transformer, separated volume and Groundlift


  • Class A-B
  • 8 Transistor with Oversize Toroidal Transformer
  • Wide cooling fin, no fan needed
  • Double speakon output

Power supply 110/220-240 V 50 Hz
Product made of wood covered with artificial leather
1 leather handle
Support rubber feet
Fuse 5 TA 230v – 8 TA 110v
Dimensions cm [WxDxH] 55x29x35
Weight kg 19.5

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 35 × 70 × 45 cm
LB5 STACK - Amplificazioni Lombardi hybrid tube bass amp