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The Guitar cabinet Lombardi LC4 is an innovative and high quality cabinet made in Italy by the Lombardi Amplification with first choice components. The cabinet is made with three types of wood. The outside is made of Poplar plywood, that makes it very lightweight and with a warm sound. The fixing panel of the speakers is made of Fir, so that the harmonic board can have the best timbre. The support are made of Birch that gives them solidity.

The GUITAR CABINET Lombardi LC4 has two hand-made Lombardi custom biconic 12″.
An original style with a little bit of our vintage elegance.
There are many other features that make this amplifier a new dream!
There it is the new Lombardi LC4 2×12 ” GUITAR CABINET” …


We designed and built a cabinet with an innovative sound, thanks to the teamwork of the Pro Audio Lombardi division, that built audio amplifier, and the specialists that built the tubes of the guitar and bass amplifiers. There it is the guitar cabinet 2×12″ Lombardi.
The Cabinet was born to be free to “play” thanks to the use of different types of wood, each with different sound characteristics, and thanks to the use of an almost 3 cm spruce harmonic board, where there are two 12”, that is partially suspended and allows the speakers to “play” freely.. Moreover the cabinet is solid and compact …
The first time we tried it we though that it sounded like a stack!
We wanted the speaker of the cabinet to be hand-made and designed with our technical specifications..
The reason is that that great amount of sound and harmonic needed a special speaker, accurate, dynamic but solid at the same time, able to emphatize the style of each musician …

A couple of word on the Speakers :
It took many attempts and tests we designed two different 12″ with two different timbre response:

A warmer and softer timbre, with a good balance and frequency extension… low pitch deep and precise a crystal clear sound that accurately reproduce all the harmonic.
The timbre reproduces clear sounds of any kind of music, from jazz to blues, to the folk and can be also unconventionally used to amplify from rhodes to sinth, to a voice filtered by the tubes!

The other timbre, more aggressive has a rock sound! With a clear and precise sound that never get lost, even in the most noisy stages and when there is the distortion the timber don’t dry out, the sound is clear and nothing get lost!

The choice is yours…

There it is a cabinet that will surprise every guitarist and phonic that will have the opportunity to use it!

Power 200 W
02 biconic Custom Lombardi 12″ speakers
Bass reflex
Product made of wood covered with artificial black leather
02 leather handles
Vertical and horizontal support rubber feet
Speakers protection
Dimensions cm [WxDxH]  70x32x55
Weight kg 25

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 80 × 40 × 65 cm
LC4 STACK - Amplificazioni Lombardi tube guitar amp