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The guitar Head Lombardi LC4 is a professional valve guitar amplifier with class A-B, designed and built in Italy by the Lombardi Amplification with first choice components. The product is made of Poplar plywood that makes it very lightweight.

Thanks to years of study and research in the history of Lombardi Amplifications it was possible to create the Lombardi LC4 HEAD, a revolutionary hybrid circuit was perfected after 24 months of test …

While remaining in the top list of the handmade point-to-point amplifiers that are made with high quality components, this head is something completely new! Precise pre-amplifier with a unique and flexible tone, that with only 5 controllershas an infinite repertoire of sound … How is that possible? We put 2 different valve pre-amplifiers together!
A really good and powerful amplifier80W of dynamic!

There are many other features that make this amplifier a new dream!
There it is the new Lombardi LC4 GUITAR HEAD …


Valve Guitar Head, Point-to-point handmade in Italy.

A couple of word on the Tubes and the Reverberation :
The Pre-amplifer tube is a EF86 NOS, a pentode that has a high gain, a precise and defined sound, a balanced frequency range (and that is the reason why it is in the valve Hi-Fi) and a unique timbre especially with clear and crunch sound.
The hammond is controlled by a tube ECC83 Groove Tubes and by a ECL82 NOS.
The tube that brings the sound of the Pre-amplifier to the Amplifier tube that brings the sound of the Pre-amplifier to the Amplifier is an original ECC82 MULLARD NOS (this high quality tube makes the difference!).
The two pilot tubes are ECC82 Tungsol.
The output tubes are two new Mullard EL34, that sound really good!

A couple of words on the Transformers :
We use input and output transformers made especially for us, that are very like the one we used fifty years ago, big and heavy, oversize perfect for a real guitar valve amplifier!
This is the engine of the tube, we do not compromise on high performances!

A couple of word on the Tone Control :
The valve guitar head LC4 has an innovative tone control… high, low and medium were not enough! We used two independent section of the pre-amplifier and we joint them together:
BASS CHANNEL controllers low and medium pitch and volume.
The sound is focused on the low and medium pitch, the tone is simply controlled but in a very effective way you can control a clamorous punch and a Jazz definition!
HIGH CHANNEL has a default equalization and it is possible to control the volume.
The clear, biting sound that are missing in the first channel are emphasized by the volume control of a sound, not by a simple tone …
That is the key:
Two opposite sound that can be mixed together, as you wish. You almost have infinite sound combination… It is the same as having two amps and mixing the sound they make… you can test it!!

A Master volume that controls the sound of the two channels, the saturation of the amplifier tubes and the volume.
Moreover it diversifies the combination of the two channels and allows to control the saturation of the pre-amplifier tubes.
In the rear panel there is a switch that increase the power from 60 W to 25 W and halve the tension of the amplifier tubes. The dynamics and the saturation of the tubes is faster and the compressor is higher.
The impedance controller has two positions and two XLR output that allow the connection of one or more loudspeakers with 4-8-16 Ohm total impedance.

It took months to develop this circuit and to obtain its ultimate expression…. there is no need of a fx loop for a lot of pedals:
the sound of each musician and their pedals goes through the main input, called “INPUT”, 0 db or 10 db for powerful signal. The amplifier does the rest!

Technical Description:

Valve amplifier with 1 guitar input that pilots two mixable channels

LOW CH controller: low, medium, volume

HIGH CH controller: volume

General volume

Volume reverberation

Three position switch to change impedance 4-8-16 Ohm

Switch that halves the anode current of the tubes from 80W to 25W

Pre-amplifier and amplifier with class A-B tube

Output power 25W / 80W

Tubes Amplifier:
– Outputs: 2x EL34
– Pilot: 2x ECC82

Tubes Pre-amplifier:
– Inputs: 1x EF86
– Outputs: 1x ECC82
– Reverberation: 1xECC83 1x ECL82

Power supply 110/220-240 V 50 Hz

Product made of wood covered with artificial black leather

1 leather handle

Support rubber feet

Fuse 2A

Dimensions cm [WxDxH]  55x29x35

Weight kg 20.5

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 35 × 65 × 45 cm
LC4 STACK - Amplificazioni Lombardi tube guitar amp

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