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The Lombardi LS5000P is an innovative passive subwoofer of the highest quality, designed and built entirely in Italy directly by Lombardi Amplificazioni with first choice components. The cabinet is made of two types of wood, the exterior is in poplar plywood which makes it very light and with a warmer sound, while all the reinforcements are made of birch to give it strength. The Lombardi LS5000P is equipped with 2 horn loaded 15 ″ loudspeakers. This gives great precision and quality and pressure in the reproduction of low and very low frequencies and allows the low frequencies to travel greater distance. Combined with the Lombardi LVR600BP Satellites, Lombard Satellites LVR1200BP, LS2500P Subwoofer, LS1000P Subwoofer, the entire frequency range is kept linear, making the system complete and extremely versatile for any musical genre and ideal for any sound application both indoors and outdoors.


Passive horn loaded subwoofer with two 15 “speakers. It is a very powerful and high quality product with an excellent power-size ratio, we recommend driving it with two amplifiers (one amplifier each woofer) of 2500 W RMS into 4 Ohms ( we recommend using the Lombardi LAQUAD1200 amplifier on 4 channels in BRIDGE configuration). It differs thanks to its very warm sound and high sound pressure. Ideal both for large closed environments and for open spaces of all sizes combined with satellites such as LVR600BP , LVR1200BP and the LS2500, LS1000P, LS700P subwoofers.

Horn loaded passive subwoofer
2 woofer 380 mm. 15″
Resonant frequency 40 Hz
Frequency response30-145 Hz
4+4 ohm
2 Speakon F (connection 1+ 2+, on request 1+ 1-)
Nominal power
5000 W
Maximum power
7000 W
Handles built-in transport
in rubber for support
Finitura black polyurea
Speaker protection
metal grill
dimensions cm [WidthxDepthxHeight] 91x80x123
weight kg 94

Additional information

Weight 80 kg
Dimensions 90 × 130 × 56 cm
  • passive subwoofer for front stage / side / drum files amplification
  • cinema / surround system
  • large clubs / squares / sports fields / theaters
  • dance club
  • Live live entertainment